Titanium UltraLight AR15 Firing Pin Kit

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Includes: firing pin retaining pin, cam pin . firing pin.
rPFits AR15rP.223, 300blk, 7.62x69
- Made to the highest degree of Mil-Spec tolerances
- Bolt cam pin and retaining pin constructed from heat-treated ordnance steel
- Firing pin is made out of Grade 5 TitaniumrP
- Heat-treated and hardened for the best reliability and durability
- Fits in all 5.56 type Bolt Carrier Groups
Titanium Firing Pin for 223/556.Made from grade 5 Titanium these are nearly 40% lighter than steel firing pins. Titanium firing pins travel faster in the bolt. This delivers a faster lock time enhancing accuracy. Titanium pins also carry less momentum than steel pins, reducing the chance of a slam-fire. Resistant to corrosion and high temperatures, titanium pins help eliminate galling, fretting, and seizing.